Happy Birthday!-Born on the same day!

Well it’s been a year since I photographed this family, but this occasion was special! A celebration of both of them on their birthday…which is on the same day! How the parents managed that, I do not know! What I can tell you is that the celebration was full of family, friends! I simply could not get enough of these two cuties! Thank you for letting me capture this celebration!


The Fisher Family!

I had the pleasure of taking pics for this wonderful beach family! Jodi and I go way back to college! Jodi, our friend Larinda and I would tear up Cal Poly campus! Well, we didn’t “tear” anything, but we had some fun! I have to tell you something about Jodi…she is such a caring, wonderful soul! If you were in trouble, hurt or just feeling sad, she is the kind of person that would go out of her way to help, console and cheer you up. Her smile does that alone!!!

She is a fighter. She is a survivor. She is a rockstar…and so is her amazing family! They live in a beautiful seaside town and I have the honor of calling them friends!

This last one is one of my favorites! Jodi is fighting her second time with cancer. She is a strong fighter; a force to be reckoned with. So many of us feed off of her warm energy and spirit, which she continues to share. If you are anywhere near the Central California Coast, and in Los Osos, there is a huge fundraiser happening at Go Westy-where her husband, Shawn, works. It’s Saturday, September 25, all day long! It truly is amazing what a group of people can do to provide support and encouragement….all of which she has always provided for others! Love you girl!

Celebrating a Matriarch

It was an honor to take pictures for my friend Adam and his whole family on the beach at Avila! It was a surprise for the head of the family as she was being celebrated for her birthday…little did she know that the whole family was there waiting for her! Great memories!

Thanks Adam, for inviting me! You family is wonderful! Wow, and uncle to 12 little ones! Congrats on your journey to now and the future!

Lovely family of three!

I had the opportunity to head out to our wonderful Elfin forest and take pictures of Kali and her family. Earlier last year, it was her and her sister, Amy along with their boys. When Kali called to asked if I could take photos in time for the holidays, I was jumping for joy! YES! And we knew the perfect spot! They make quite the gorgeous family and the day was filled with walking, talking and catching up!

the Love Girls-mama+baby session on the beach

My very first real session! Thanks to my kindred friend, Kim Love and her darling 12 week old baby girl Samantha for calling me and arranging a sweet meet out at the lovely beach at Montana De Oro. They both were glowing and looking so gorgeous! Here are a few from the session.
Thank you Kim and Sam for a wonderful first session, and the start of many more!!!!!