How quickly she grows!

Just a quick post to share two picture of our Slider! She is fiesty and fun, and we’re still in training! But we are so amazed to her transform and grow!!
Slider as a baby!

And Slider today….
Just about 8 months old!

Owning a puppy has been a wild ride…but one I am glad we have!!!!


A shower fit for a Tigress!

Buddies since the 7th grade. Love her and her growing family! On a recent trip up north, She had a shower for her soon to be Tigress girl. The event was at a swanky bar called Agave..yes..a Tequila bar! Although no tequila’s were served…except later by a few guests! It was a collaborative event with help from all her friends. She laughed and shared many a great story. A room full of women, giving Emily a hard time for the arrival of a girl! Great Decor, cool games, awesome eats, time with friends…and of course the big brother with the balloons! Looking forward to meeting the little Tigress soon! And taking lots of pictures of her! These are the days!