Namaste and welcome to Charming Birdie!

Charming Birdie is the name that is fashioned after my two daughter’s (my muses!), Isara and Tamra. Part of Isara’s name actually means charming, and Tamra’s name represents birds in flight…you put that together with my love of photos, arts, crafts and design and Voila! You are here!

I started this site to encourage and practice my photography, showcase my arts and crafts and share in design….design of life, design of details…all through the lens and my hands.

Sessions are available and by referral only. As a natural light photographer, I make the most of our surroundings and hope to share that with all I connect with. I love to make custom art pieces using photos and hope to showcase those creations here and on ETSY.

I live on the beautiful Central California Coast. I’m am a ScrapYogini & MasalaMama to two growing girls, wife to my best friend and an arts and crafter at heart!

For details and more information please contact me at ranisjourney@yahoo.com