I Heart Faces-Pets!

New contest up at I Heart Faces! This time it’s all about the animal!!!! PETS! Here is ours…the one and only…

Can’t help but love that face!


7 thoughts on “I Heart Faces-Pets!

  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… somehow, I feel it in this shot. The colors are so complementary too – I never thought I’d say a photo of a dog is “deep”, but this one really is!

    • Julie, it’s amazing you say this. We had just got her back after she escaped the yard during a horrific storm the night before. We thought she was lost for good, but I posted on fb, and lo and behold the next morning I was directed by a friend to call someone who had found her! I think she was happy and comfortable back in her own space…and a bit apprehensive too, cause she knows she’s not supposed to be on the couch! She is such a good girl!

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